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Q: What is the Alabama Scholastic Press Association?

A: The Alabama Scholastic Press Association (ASPA) seeks to empower high school newspaper, yearbook, newsmagazine, literary magazine, website and broadcast staffs around Alabama.

Q: What does ASPA do?

A: ASPA hosts a summer journalism camp in Tuscaloosa, Alabama each year, holds a convention on campus each spring, and presents a series of journalism workshops in various Alabama cities each September (for more about these, visit our Upcoming Events page). ASPA also works in conjunction with and in support of the Multicultural Journalism Program and its summer workshop. ASPA also coordinates an annual critique of publications and broadcasts and offers individual contests and on-site competitions. The Association stands ready to assist high school journalists and advisers.

Q: Why should my middle school or high school become a member of ASPA?

A: Membership allows your staff to receive ASPA publications and services and to participate in ASPA’s critique and judging service. ASPA membership also entitles your staff to receive discounted registration fees for the ASPA state convention and summer camp.

Q: How does my school become a member of ASPA?

A: ASPA membership extends August 1 through July 31, but your publication or broadcast staff may join at any time by filling out an ASPA membership form.

Q: How much is the ASPA membership fee?

A: The membership fee is $25 per year, per staff. To become a member, simply fill out the ASPA membership form.

Q: How do I start or improve my high school media?

A: For some tips on starting or improving your high school newspaper, visit our Links and Resources page.

Q: How do I contact ASPA?

A: E-mail us at aspa@ua.edu. If you need to contact us in some other way (phone, mail, etc.),
see below:

Phone: 205-348-ASPA (2772)

Fax: 205-348-2780

Mail: Box 870172 Tuscaloosa, AL 35401

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